Thursday, March 30, 2017

Wearing the Hijab: It's All Trump's Doing

Hat tip Breitbart

I remember back in the 1970s when "everything was Nixon's fault". Now it's Trump's turn. USA Today, a politically correct rag with a good sports page is running an article saying that American Muslim women are beginning to don the hijab (head scarf) as a symbol of resistance (to Trump) and feminism.

I do agree that many Muslim women in the US wear the hijab as a statement. In my opinion, it is a statement that there is a line as to just how far they will assimilate into American society. For others it is a signal to men particularly non-Muslim men that they are unavailable. Other women wear the hijab because some one expects them to -either their family or if they are in the Middle East, the greater society as well.

Historically, however, the hijab has been forced upon Muslim women by Muslim men for religious reasons. While it does not say in the Koran that a woman must wear a head covering, it does say that women must be modestly dressed.

But for anyone to say that this is a reaction to Trump is absurd.

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