Friday, March 3, 2017

Update on Juan Thompson

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

-Creeping Sharia

In the wake of all the hundred or so bomb threats being called in to Jewish centers around the country and the desecration of three Jewish cemeteries (St Louis, Philadelphia and Rochester), we now have one arrest in St Louis in connection with 8 bomb threats. He is a 31-year-old journalist of sorts named Juan Thompson.

It is highly improbably that Thompson is responsible for every one of these incidents. It is natural to wonder if he had any part in the desecration of the cemetery outside St Louis. Even if so, he could not have toppled over 100 tombstones alone.

If and when all the culprits are identified, it may turn out that some are skin heads, neo-Nazis or just anti-semites. They could be white, black, brown, Middle Eastern or a combination of everything. Let's be frank: There has been speculation that some may be anti-Israel, pro-Palestinians or Muslims.

Mr. Thompson happens to be African-American, which may mean nothing in terms of a pattern. Yet, it appears from a tweet identified by Creeping Sharia as being Thompson's that he is a Muslim convert.

Thompson was fired last year by The Intercept, a left-wing site run by Glenn Greenwald, an associate of Edward Snowden. The reason given was that he had fabricated stories. The Intercept has issued a statement condemning the acts which Thompson is charged with.

We will have to see what Thompson has to say to the FBI, if anything as to his motivation. As to the other threats and the desecrations, we will have to wait and see who else is uncovered. Again, the other culprits may belong to a wide spectrum of groups. I will say one thing, however, in the wake of this arrest: People should very careful before assigning blame for anti-semitism in America to followers of President Trump and the so-called "alt right".

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