Monday, March 6, 2017

Trump vs. FBI

This latest news report leaves me deeply troubled.

In short, this is a mess.

I do not know the facts about the alleged connection between the Trump campaign and Russia. Nor do I know the fact about the allegations President Trump is making about being bugged by the Obama administration. I don't know anything.

But I do think  this:

1 I support a full bi-partisan investigation into the allegations that the Russians inserted themselves into our election. No, I don't think they had any connection or influence on the ballot boxes, nor do I think they influenced the final result. But everybody should want to know to what extent they tried to influence the election.

2 If phone calls were intercepted, they were likely due to a FISA court order for reasons of national security. That normally includes wiretaps on Russian diplomats. If somebody monitored the conversations between Michael Flynn and the Russian ambassador or any other Russian officials, it was likely because they were tapping the Russians' phones, not Flynn's. The only feasible explanation I can think of is that the FBI applied for a FISA court order based on a belief that there was Russian involvement with a particular campaign, and that they would have done the same no matter which campaign was involved.

3 It is time for Trump to lay it out what he has or thinks he has on anybody he thinks was tapping him. This Twitter war of words has gotten ridiculous.

Now we have a conflict between the President and the director of the FBI.  While I have lost a lot of respect for James Comey over the past year, if he says the FBI did not do any tapping on the Trump campaign, I believe him.

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