Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Race Nuttiness at UC Davis

Hat tip Campus Reform

The list of marginalized groups is extensive, encompassing “Indigenous/Native American, Black, Chicanx, Asian, Pacific Islander, and non-white Latinx folks, non-white Middle Eastern folks, etc.,” whereas the only “dominant/privileged racial group” mentioned, and hence the only group capable of exercising racism under the definition, is “white.”

The crazy people in our universities keep thinking of new ways to demonstrate just how nutty they are. At UC Davis, they are pushing the notion that only white people can be racists, which must be good news to people like Louis Farrakhan. And readers will be pleased to note that the English lexicon continues to expand courtesy of the nice people in academia.

They also seem to have found the missing Latinx  on the UCD campus as well as its Mexican species, the Chicanx.

And now Bears are a marginalized group, or didn't you know that? I thought that all ended when the Cubs won the World Series.

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"That's right."

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Any group is capable of racism... Hutus and Tutsis for instance, not to mention the way black people and Hispanic people got into fights during the 1968 poor peoples march.