Friday, March 24, 2017

Janet Napolitano Going to Mexico to......?

To strengthen ties between the US and Mexico as a rebuke to the policies of President Trump
"Patricia Gándara, an education professor at UCLA, said the group’s efforts have recently become more focused on students whose parents brought them back to Mexico after being deported, losing work, or simply becoming “freaked out about Trump.”

Janet Napolitano has her priorities twisted. As UC President, her priority is taking care of DACA students, "dreamers" and students who happen to be in the country illegally. She needs to get to work on educating students and reducing the turmoil on her campuses. Since when is it the business of the University of California to bolster relationships between the US and Mexico-or any other country? Last I checked we have a State Department tasked with that job.

When she was head of DHS, I suspect those were her priorities as well. She did a lousy job of protecting the country.

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