Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Five Afghan Rapists to be Expelled From Sweden

Justice in Sweden

Hat tip Fria Tider and Beitbart
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Imagine this scenario: Five Afghans, who claimed to be unaccompanied child refugees, take an underage Afghan boy into the woods around Uppsala and spend an hour beating him and gang raping him. The district court sentences them to a maximum of 15 months in prison and no deportation back to Afghanistan. 

But there is good news! A higher court has ordered the five to be deported after all.

The incident happened back in December 2016.

They were convicted and given short sentences, but not ordered deported.

Now the deportation issue has been reversed. The five will be deported after all.

Here is my translation of the Fria Tider article:
Gang rapists to be expelled After All
Publicerad 8 mars 2017 kl 13.53
Published March 8, 2017 1:53 pm

Domestic:  The  five Afghans raped an underage boy in a sadistic fashion in Uppsala, but according to the district court, they should stay in Sweden since they could " be hit very hard by the expulsion". But now the higher court has changed it all. 

It was October 24, 2016 when the five men who claimed to be unaccompanied refugee children, decided they would f--- the boy.  They took him into a section of forest  where they took turns  raping and beating him for over an hour.

When the Uppsala district criminal court judgment against the rapists came in late December, the court decided that they would stay in Sweden since it could go bad for them  if they were sent home to Afghanistan.

"The court finds...that on the basis of  their age as well as the security situation in Afghanistan, they would be hit  very hard by expulsion. The demand for expulsion is turned down for all defendants.",  it said in the judgment.

But the Svea higher court  gave a new judgment and now all five so-called refugee children are to be expelled. The higher court based its judgment  among others on the seriousness of the crime and the lack of connection to Sweden (of the defendants).
Comment: Apparently, the Swedes don't consider rape to be a serious matter. Maybe that's why they have become the rape capital of Europe thanks to all these refugees, immigrants, asylum-seekers, migrants or whatever you want to call them. In addition, why would you want to keep people in your country who have demonstrated themselves to be violent criminals? This is why Europe is in such a mess.

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