Saturday, March 11, 2017

Diplomatic Standoff in Rotterdam

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

Turkish officials from Ankara blocked from going to Turkish consulate

Polizisten versperren den Weg zum türkischen Konsulat in Rotterdam
-Der Spiegel

This is developing as I write, but for the past several days a diplomatic rift has been growing between Germany, Holland, Austria and Switzerland over those countries' refusals to allow officials of the Erdogan government to come and campaign for an April referendum that would increase Erdogan's powers in Turkey. There are several million Turks living in those countries especially Germany.

Now as I write, Dutch police have blocked Turkish officials from going to an event at the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam. I don't yet have a translation for the below report yet, but can tell you the basics.  The intention is that the Dutch will escort the convoy, which contains Turkey's Family and Social Affairs minister, Fatima Betul Sayan Kaya, to the German border. She is protesting (see link) that the Netherlands is violating international law. It is reported that she intended to call for a yes vote for Turkey's referendum. The Dutch and the other countries (2 cantons in Switzerland) consider this campaigning a violation of their sovereignty.

Stay tuned.

From Haaretz (in English):


Hundreds of Turks with Turkish flags and Erdogan banners are protesting in front of the consulate in Rotterdam.

There are chants of Allahu Akhbar. (Hat tip Sara_Lia)

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