Monday, March 13, 2017

Danish Cartoonist Faces Protests at Franklin and Marshall

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine and Franklin and Marshall College Reporter

Flemming Rose, a Danish cartoonist who made the unpardonable error of publishing cartoons of You-Know-Who, was invited to speak at Franklin and Marshall College. He was met with the predictable protests and rude behavior in the hall where he spoke. And to cap it off, the professor who invited him has now apologized for making the invitation.

Here is the College Reporter issue with the professor's apology.

I would tell Professor Hoffman that no apology is necessary.  If some students feel unsafe because a guy who published cartoons is on campus, think how unsafe Mr Rose is. He is living under death threats.

Professor Hoffman probably upset a lot of people when he invited anti-Israel activist Steven Salaita to speak. I consider Salaita a questionable choice indeed given his history of statements about Jews who get kidnapped and murdered in Israel. However, I would not have tried to stop him from speaking. I would have gone with a prepared question for the q and a.

The point is that Rose, like Salaita, has the right to speak in America. As it is, I would hope that the students at Franklin and Marshall would stop and think about the fact that Mr Rose is unsafe in his own country because there are certain Muslims who treat their faith like it is a some sort of mafia. You can't leave it, and you can't criticize it. Personally, I don't do Mohammad cartoons, but the idea of killing someone who does is unacceptable.

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