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Birth of a LIfelong Steeler Fan: October 2, 1955

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NFL Game Program: Los Angeles Rams vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (October 2, 1955)
-Sports Paper Info

The date was October 2, 1955 and I was 10 years old and living in Los Angeles. One of the dads in the neighborhood took a bunch of the kids to see the Rams at the Coliseum. The Steelers were in town, and I  guess I liked their uniforms (black and gold), so I pulled for the Steelers. They lost 27-26 on a last second field goal by Les Richter, and I was in tears. That was the beginning. I have been a life long fan ever since.

Here are some memories and a short video of the game.

As for my own memories, I don't recall any of the plays on the video except for the field goal, which for some reason I thought was 42 yards. It was 32 or 33 depending on which version you accept. The video would indicate it was 32.5 yards. We were sitting on the end of the field where the tunnel to the locker rooms was located-opposite the open end.I also note that on the video, the date October 3 is given. That is incorrect.

So what plays do I recall? I recall (and my memory could be faulty) that on one of the extra points for the Rams, it was partially blocked, but the ball made it over the goal posts anyway. I also remember Jim Finks as the Steelers' quarterback, and Norm Van Brocklin as the Rams' quarterback.

Here is another interesting note: The Steelers' kicker, Art Michalik, who missed two extra points and a short field goal plus a 41 yarder, is still living as are Steeler linebacker Dale Dodrill and center Lou Tepe. They are the only three surviving Steelers from that team as far as I can tell.

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