Monday, March 6, 2017

At Columbia, Some Jewish Students Are Standing Up to the Pro-Palestinian Forces

Hat tip The College Fix

Columbia University has acquired a reputation for being inhospitable for Jewish students who support Israel. According to one recent survey, it was deemed the worst in the country in that regard. However, there is positive news. Some Jewish students are standing up for their identity and their support for the Jewish state of Israel.

Now that Israel Apartheid Week is upon us in the US and many campuses are being subjected to the bully boys and girls of groups like Students for Justice in Palestine, it is good to see Jewish students standing up. It is vital that Jewish organizations like Hillel and the Jewish Federation get behind them. All too often we see organizations like these discouraging Jewish students from speaking out. Out here in California the record of most Jewish organizations in that regard is quite dismal.

Good for the young Zionists at Columbia.

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