Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"Widows and Orphans" Arrive in Spain

Spain is also attempting to cope with the wave of migrants arriving from Africa. This past week, hundreds arrived at the border at Ceuta. Below is a translation I did from El Pais. With the assistance in processing by Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes, I sub-titled the video from the below link.

Some 350 immigrants arrive at Ceuta in the second massive entry in three days

11 persons have been transferred to hospital, 8 with injuries and 3 with possible fractures according to Red Cross

"Approximately 600 immigrants have been attempting to enter this Monday at Ceuta, of these 359 have finally been accepted onto Spanish territory. The Red Cross has informed that 11 persons have been attended to in the autonomous city hospital 8 with injuries and three with possible fractures. This is the second mass entry in three days after 498 entered last Friday of the approximately 900 who attempted.

The entry occurred shortly after 4 am this Monday in the in the zone of Finca Berrocal, the same border point in which the immigrants entered Spain last Friday. The Government Delegation has informed  that  they did not "jump over the fence" rather that these people utilized shears and metal clubs to break it. Sources of this institution explain that it concerns a zone of "reduced visibility" which impedes seeing the arrival of the immigrants from the security cameras. The Secretary of the State of Security, Jose Antonio Nieto last week informed that the use of drones is  being evaluated in order to augment security at the border.

The Center for Temporary Housing of Immigrants of the autonomous city (CETI) is over its limit with the arrival of this group of 1400 persons in its installations, while they have a capacity of 512. Before this sitation common spaces were able to be used, such as halls, the ceremonial hall to lodge the immigrants. In addition, tents and a kitchen have be3en installed in the parking area of the horse club next to CETI.

In 2016 1,000 immigrants entered Spain across the fences of Ceuta and Melilla, a total assumed to be a record low in respect to previous activity, according to numbers divulged
this Wednesday by the European Agency for Borders (Frontex)."

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