Monday, February 27, 2017

Upcoming Women's March Being Organized by Convicted Terrorist Facing Jail and Deportation

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The radical left can't get much more despicable than this.  A women's march scheduled for March 8 is being co-organized by none other than Rasmea Odeh, a Palestinian woman who was imprisoned in Israel for her part in a market bombing that killed two people. She was later freed in a prisoner swap and immigrated to the US while hiding her terrorist past.  She was subsequently convicted of immigration fraud, but the conviction has been reversed and the case sent back for re-trial. Odeh is facing the loss of her citizenship, jail time and deportation if convicted again.

Not surprisingly, she is showing a ton of arrogance standing outside the courthouse with her bullhorn, giving speeches, and condemning the US justice system that she is exploiting.

Now this despicable creature is one of the leaders of the latest radical march. She will be joined by Angela Davis, a life-long radical who never has contributed anything positive to American society, and other left-wing radicals. Here is the report from the NY Post.

I will be following the second trial of Odeh. No doubt it will be another circus with Odeh blkasting her venom from a bull horn to her supporters in front of the courthouse.It is my fervent hope that justice will be done and this miserable person will be sent packing back to whatever hell-hole in the Middle East is appropriate.

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