Friday, February 10, 2017

UCB Chancellor and PD Chief Make Excuses

Hat tip Campus Reform

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Ridiculous Nicholas Dirks

“I don’t think we’ve been tarnished at all. In fact, I have been hearing from people across the country that we have indeed honored our tradition and that we have been exemplary in terms of our commitment to freedom of speech,” Dirks explained, criticizing “representations of what happened here” that he feels disregarded or misrepresented the facts to portray Berkeley as a hostile environment for free speech."

Predictably, UC Berkeley chancellor Nicholas Dirks and his police chief have tried to justify having their campus police stand and watch the riot last week making only one arrest.

Being retired from law enforcement, I rarely criticize or second-guess cops. Obviously campus cops have to work under command of college administrators like Dirks who always object to any force being used. No doubt this was the case here. The result was the cops had to stand by like potted plants while rioters destroyed property and beat up people they perceived as Milo Yiannopoulos or Trump supporters.

The cops had the manpower to go in and arrest the troublemakers as soon as they saw crimes being committed. Only one arrest was made. The rioters wore masks and likely will never be identified.

And Dirks doesn't think the reputation of his school for free speech hasn't been tarnished? A man has his speaking event canceled because of a riot, and Dirks thinks everything is A-OK.

Where do these universities find these clowns?

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