Sunday, February 19, 2017

So Trump Was Wrong About Sweden?

Hat tip Fria Tider

The New York Daily News has a curious article running that implies that President Trump was all wet when he brought up immigrant crime in Sweden.

So what was happening last night in Sweden? I'm not sure, but it has gotten to the point where something happens every night in Sweden, which is the rape capital of Europe. Maybe it was this armed robbery in Örebro.

Police in Örebro Hunt Five Men of "Foreign Origin" for Armed Robbery
by Mattias Albinsson
published 18 February 2017  10:06 pm

Domestic: Police in Orebro are now hunting five robbers said to be of "foreign origin" for an armed (pistol) robbery during the evening in the outskirts of the residential area of Brickebacken.

Police received the report of the robbery just before nine pm in the evening. Two young m,ales were robbed of their mobile phones and a wallet on Grankotte Way in Brickebacken, which lies on the outskirts of Örebro. The two young males said that they  rode on the same bus as the culprits from the central parts of the town to the outskirts. When they stepped off the bus, the robbers struck.

There have been  people attacked on buses by a number of perpetrators", said Örebro Police officer RLC-befell Per Bjurström to Fria Tider.

One of the culprits is said to have been masked and armed with a pistol. After the robbery, the perpetrators ran in the direction of Brickebacken. According to both young men, the robbers were 17-20 years old, average height and were of foreign origin. Police, however, do not know what origin that is.

During the night,  police are in Brickebacken and looking for the perpetrators. It is unclear if the same gang can be connected to other robberies in the city in recent times.

Similar events have happened with a similar number of perpetrators with possible similar description, says Bjurström , but he makes clear that it si too early to connect the incident with other robberies in Örebro.


It is hardly perplexing. We have been reporting on events in Sweden for years now.

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