Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Robert Spencer on Islamic Anti-Semitism

Hat tip Jihad Watch and Frontpage Magazine

Robert Spencer is a scholar when it comes to Islam. He knows Arabic and has studied the Koran extensively. This article is most timely given the resurgence of anti-semitism. It explains how anti-semitism is embedded in Islamic doctrine.

It is no coincidence that the worldwide resurgence in anti-semitism corresponds with massive Islamic immigration to the West and the march of militant Islam. They are linked. As I often argue, the focal point for American anti-semitism is on our college campuses, where pro-Palestinian Muslim Student Association chapters as well as their brethren in Students for Justice in Palestine are constantly attacking Israel and bullying Jewish students who defend Israel.

In Europe, Jews have left by the thousands due to the unfriendly climate at the hands of Muslim immigrants. The Europeans have largely turned a blind eye so as not to offend their restive Muslim populations, many of whom are already ready to riot at the slightest provocation.

I don't wish to challenge the good intentions of many American Muslims, but the leadership knows that it cannot publicly express anti-semitism or any other -ism without incurring immediate condemnation. Thus, all too many Muslim imams and community leaders try to present Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance that is being hijacked by the terrorists and other extremists. I wish I could accept that, but I cannot. The Islamic texts prove otherwise. The (earlier) peaceful verses in the Koran have long been abrogated by the (later) violent texts.

In the wake of the latest vandalism of Jewish cemeteries in St Louis and Philadelphia, CAIR has issued condemnations and raised money as has Muslim activist Linda Sarsour. While I commend that, my suspicious side tells me they are likely engaging in damage control and PR. We don't know as yet who carried out these despicable acts, and I am in no way concluding it was Muslims. Yet, it must be assumed that the possibility exists in the minds of Sarsour and her associates in groups like CAIR.

Islamic violence, which is based on its own religious intolerance, will not end any time soon. As it continues, with each new horror, more and more people become educated as to the true nature of this ideology. Without condemning every Muslim in the world, we must come to grips with the truth behind Islamic ideology. Until Islam itself truly reforms, the problem is not going away.

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