Monday, February 6, 2017

Robert Reich Doubles Down on His Conspiracy Theory

Hat tip Breitbart

Robert Reich, former labor secretary and now a professor at UC Berkeley, made a fool of himself Thursday night when he told CNN's Don Lemon that "he heard rumors" it was right-wing agitators who carried out the riot Wednesday shutting down Milo Yiannopoulos' appearance at UCB. He also insisted that it couldn't have been students because he knows (all 38,000) students on the campus. (The rioters had their faces covered.) Reich has been a national laughingstock all week.

Not to be deterred, Reich is doubling down on his conspiracy theory blaming Breitbart for the riot.

Right. And the Poles really did attack that German radio station at Gorlitz  Gleiwitz in 1939 setting off World War II.

With evidence like that you couldn't put a dog in the pound. Can you imagine him teaching his classes like that? Rather than saying, "OK-I screwed up," he tries to dig himself out of the hole by digging himself deeper. He has made himself a caricature of himself.

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