Saturday, February 18, 2017

Media Hit Piece on Act for America

Here is an example of slanted news. The Chicago Tribune, which bills itself as "The Greatest Newspaper in the World", has published an article on Act for America and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) written by  Abigail Hauslohner of the Washington Post. In this piece, CAIR is pictured as a civil rights organization. In reality, it is exactly what Act says it is, a  subversive arm of the Muslim Brotherhood with links to terrorist organizations like Hamas. Ask any CAIR representative to condemn Hamas and watch the tap dance begin. On the other hand, ACT is pictured as an extremist organization full of right-wing conspiracy theories, which is false.

In addition, CAIR is still listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2007 Holy Land Foundation trial, which involved Islamic charities in the US funneling money to terror organizations in the Middle East. Several Holy Land officials were convicted and are serving long prison terms. The FBI has officially cut off all contacts with CAIR.

And guess who the writer goes to for CAIR comment: None other than Ahmed Bedier in South Florida. Maybe the she should have done her homework on him first.

Full disclosure: I have spoken twice for Act in Southern California. While not officially a member, I collaborate with them and support them in their mission . They are not extremists, only patriots who are educated about the threat of militant Islam. Their leader, Brigitte Gabriel, and her family were driven out of Lebanon because they were Christians. She understands what it is all about.

This is nothing but a slanted media hit piece on Act for America using CAIR as a tool. Shameful.

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Squid said...

It is said that President Trump is considering giving the designation of Terrorist support group to the Muslim Brotherhood, as other countries have done. If so, CAIR and many other MB affiliates will be history in the U.S. We will live in interesting times.