Thursday, February 23, 2017

Jewish Cemetery in St Louis Vandalized

A Jewish cemetery in St Louis was severely vandalized earlier this week when someone knocked over some 100 headstones.

This may be the most serious outbreak of anti-semitism in the US in recent times. In response, President Trump has spoken out and Vice President Pence has gone to the site to help with the repair. I should note here that CAIR and other Muslim individuals like Linda Sarsour are raising money for repairs and have condemned the act. No doubt they are keeping their fingers crossed that the vandals don't turn out to be Muslims.

I would also note that one of my close Jewish friends here in Orange County, who comes from St Louis, has relatives buried in that cemetery.

Until the persons responsible are caught, I think it is best to without further comment about who they might be or from where they got their inspiration to carry out such a despicable act.

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