Sunday, February 26, 2017

Jewish Cemetery in Philadelphia Vandalized

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Kristallnacht 1938

It has happened again. One week after over one hundred headstones were overturned in a
Jewish cemetery near St Louis, a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia has been similarly vandalized.

This is sick. This is what happened to Jewish cemeteries all over Germany during the Third Reich. I will withhold any speculation as to who is involved in these dastardly attacks until the perps are caught.

I truly commend Vice President Pence for going to St Louis last week, not just to make a statement of condemnation, but to actually help clean up the destruction. I hope that President Trump will take strong action to fight the resurgence in Jew hatred in our nation. The best way he can do it is by speaking out strongly and using his bully pulpit. Sadly, so much mud has been thrown at Trump charges of anti-semitism are included. Today's Orange County Register has an op-ed by Carl Cannon refuting allegations that Trump is an anti-semite. I too reject that allegation. As Cannon pointed out, Trump screwed up the question from the Jewish man in the back of the room. He apparently misinterpreted the question. It was unfortunate, but it does not make Trump an anti-semite. The questioner, Jake Turx, has given the President the benefit of the doubt.

Trump has condemned the St Louis incident, and he should comment on the latest one as well. I hope that he will soon make a special comment on the overall situation of anti-semitsm in the US and the world. I would like to see him go on national television to do it. He is going to be speaking shortly before Congress. I hope he includes it in his speech.

It's that important.

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