Saturday, February 25, 2017

Another Cynical Attempt to Equate Muslim-Americans With Japanese-Americans During WW II

Hat tip Campus Watch and Daily Californian

For the past few years, Muslim organizations like CAIR have set up alliances with various Japanese-American groups in an attempt to equate the situation with the former group to that of the latter during World War II when Japanese and Japanese -Americans living on the West Coast were relocated into internment camps. It was a terrible injustice, and the US has recognized it as such. No documented case was ever brought forth of espionage by Japanese or Japanese-Americans during the war. CAIR and other agenda-driven Muslin groups have attempted to use the Japanese-American experience to spread hysteria that Muslim-Americans might be rounded up and interned, which no serious person has even suggested. Japanese-American groups, in my view have been cynically used by groups like CAIR.

As an example, there was an event this week at UC Berkeley involving activists like Professor Hatem Bazian and CAIR San Francisco director Zahra Billoo along with a Japanese-American survivor of the relocation. The event was co-sponsored by the Nikkei Student Union and the Muslim Student Union.

I am unaware of any Japanese-American group in the US with a radical agenda. It is sad to see some of them being swayed by groups like CAIR and individuals like Bazian. They should take a closer look at the background of these Islamist activists who are shamelessly using them.

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