Saturday, January 28, 2017

Why Trump Is Right With His Immigration Ban

The hysterical reactions are already coming in. New York Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D)  is leading a throng at JFK Airport because 11 Iraqis who landed have been denied entry under the President's new immigration ban from seven countries. I am support of President Trump on this and here is why.

It is true that there are many Muslim countries left off the list including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Pakistan that are more problematic than some of those on the list. However, let's face it. Those are countries they are considered "strategic allies", with whom we have long-established diplomatic relations, and  on whom we depend on for cooperation. I am hardly comfortable with their citizens coming here as well.

Let us also keep in mind that the reason for this action is to save American lives. Yes, 15 of the 9-11 hijackers were Saudis, but the Boston Marathon bombers were so-called asylum seekers from Daghestan. Numerous Somalis (whose country is on the list) have been identified as Al Shabaab sympathizers who have been arrested by the FBI trying to return to Somalia to join the jihad. One of the San Bernardino bombers (the wife) was admitted from Pakistan as the wife of the other attacker.
It is also true that several terrorists in the US were born here while others immigrated. Yet, there is one common thread.


What we must curtail is the massive influx into this country of an ideology that wants to conquer us one way or another. That ideology is political Islam, as Muslim reformer Zuhdi Jasser calls it.

The Syrian refugee situation has already resulted in many deaths in Europe from Paris to Nice to Brussels to Berlin. Just this week, Austria has made a roundup of would be terrorist attackers. True other nationalities have been involved, but the common thread is once again Islam. This is jihad. Part of it is violent jihad, part of it is civilizational jihad-a populating of non-Muslim lands by Muslims with a clear intent to change the demographics. That is another thing that any country has every right to control.

Let us also remember that nobody has the right to enter our country who is not a citizen. It is our decision whom to admit and whom to refuse. Admittedly this is tricky business diplomatically. We will probably see violent demonstrations on the streets of Muslim countries and American flags burned. But what else is new? Iran (on the list) has already stated that in retaliation, no Americans will be admitted into their country. Who cares other than people like Iran-lovers Abdul Alim Musa  and Neturei Karta rabbi Ysroel Dovid Weiss?

Trump has also announced that Christians in the Middle East will be given priority, a reversal from the absurd Obama policy. Already, the left is complaining about that calling it discriminatory against Muslims. Actually, this is long overdue and the moral thing to do. It is Christians who are running for their lives in the Middle East especially from the hands of ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Why shouldn't victims of a campaign of genocide get preferential treatment as opposed to those who are killing them (Muslims)? Would we admit Nazi German refugees over Jews at the end of World War II? (I fully recognize that we shamefully turned Jews away during Hitler's rule.)

As for the widows and orphans that Obama loved to bring up, when you look at the hundreds of thousands of "refugees" you see running around Europe, they are mostly young men in their 20s and unaccompanied. Even if it is different here, we have already learned that full vetting is impossible. And those children? Who knows how many will grow up here and become radicalized? It's a crap shoot, pure and simple. Make no  mistake; American lives will be lost to some of these refugees in the future.

We need to get behind the President on this. He is only trying to protect us. It will be a legal battle for sure. I hope and pray that Trump sticks to his guns and prevails.

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ChrisLA said...

I would add two more points to Fousesquawk's cogent arguments:

1) A 2015 Pew survey of American Muslims found that 51 percent support Sharia Law over the laws of our land. That is a recipe for continued attacks on our freedoms and values.

2) Children of immigrants are twice as likely to engage in terrorism. This is in part because they become misfits in our society when they adhere to Sharia Law. The only way they can redeem themselves is by engaging in Sharia-sanctioned acts of violence -- "struggling in the way of Allah."

One of the President's primary responsibilities is to protect Americans from "enemies foreign and domestic." To blindly welcome potential enemies into our country is civilizational suicide. We must carefully select who we will allow in.