Tuesday, January 10, 2017

UCLA Students Disrupt Class of Professor Accused of Sexual Harassment

Hat tip Daily Bruin

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"Come here, Sweet Pea. Gimme a kiss."

UCLA Professor Gabriel Piterberg is not exactly the most popular figure on campus. Two female students complained to the university that Piterberg had made unwanted sexual advances on them. An internal investigation concluded that Piterberg had acted inappropriately to female students under his tutelage. He was not fired, however. There was a suspension and he is required to hold teacher-student conferences in public/open door settings to insure he is not alone with the student.

Other than that, Dr Piterberg is hell of a "distinguished professor".

The fact that Piterberg, (a member in good standing of the highly partisan Center for Near Eastern Studies) is still wandering the halls of UCLA is not sitting well with a lot of students. This week, several of them disrupted his class. The Daily Bruin has the story.

I do not approve of disruptions. While I am no supporter of Piterberg, I have condemned other campus disruptions and I have to be consistent here. Students in that class are paying money for those lectures and had a right to hear the lecture. The problem lies with the university. If UCLA found that he was guilty of sexual harassment and that he committed the acts alleged, he should have been fired. I don't understand why he still teaches there, and I don't blame the students-especially the female students- for being upset. I just don't think that disrupting his class is the proper way to go.

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