Wednesday, January 18, 2017

UC Davis' Shameful Response (or Lack Thereof) to the Yiannopoulos Shut Down

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

It seems that UC Davis is doubling down on shifting blame for last week's ugly protest that got out of hand and forced the cancellation of an appearance by conservative pundit Milo Yiannopoulos. Below in Frontpage Magazine, Daniel Greenfield highlight's UC Davis as he describes the literal fascism that has taken over UC Davis.

And here is the UCD campus paper, The Aggie, shifting attacking the organization that sponsored Yiannopoulos, the College Republicans. I should note this op-ed was published before the January 13 incident. There is no editorial update with comments after the incident as yet.

It is pretty obvious that like most other college campuses, UC Davis is one big echo chamber when it comes to political and social viewpoints. There is the liberal, politically-correct point of view which is accepted. Other points of view are condemned and not tolerated to even be expressed. Where in this week's Aggie is there criticism of what took place on January 13?

This university, from its weak-kneed chancellor to its faculty to its student body should be mortified about what happened last week. It is likely that many of the protesters were professional protesters brought in to agitate. That doesn't excuse the students who were there and helped shut down free speech.

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