Saturday, January 28, 2017

Trump's Ban and the Airport Protests

As 11 Muslims have been detained at New York's JFK Airport and protesters arrived. The ACLU and other groups have gone to the courts to stop the ban on immigrants from 7 Muslim countries. A judge has already ordered the people who hold valid US visas to be released.

The dust has far from settled. I think it is safe to say we are heading for a period of turmoil. It is easy to blame President Trump for causing it, but sooner or later, the battle lines had to be drawn. Whether Trump's action is wise or not from a diplomatic point of view, I think he has the legal authority to do it though those with visas may be able to enter.

In Europe, the people have had enough and are rising up against their feckless governments as evidenced in Italy, Germany, France, the UK and other countries fed up with a massive influx of young Muslim men who are wreaking havoc.

In the US, our Muslim population is different, longer established, better educated, and most are peaceful, working, or in school. As to their degree of radicalization, who can say?

Trump understands the threat from unvetted Islamic immigration and is merely trying to protect the public from terror attacks. I support him as long as civil right are protected. No non-US citizen has the right to enter our country.

As stated, we are headed for a period of high tension on this issue. It had to happen sooner or later. I still hold to the belief that no hostile action should be taken towards our Muslim citizens. While I have criticized many individuals who I consider troublemakers, radicals, Islamists, and problematic, we cannot lash out at the ordinary Muslim man or woman on the street or in their mosques.

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