Monday, January 23, 2017

Sura One of Koran Recited at Interfaith Prayer Service Attended by President Trump

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and American Thinker

 On Saturday, President Trump attended an interfaith prayer service at the Washington Cathedral. One of the speakers was Sajid Tarar of the Raza-e Mustafa Islamic Center in Pikesville, MD. He recited Sura One from the Koran, which is  recited several times daily by Muslims in their prayers. The reference to those (God) is angry at is to Jews. The reference to those who went astray is to Christians. This was illuminated in the hadith (the traditions and sayings of the Prophet Mohammad) when one of his followers asked him specifically to whom the references were.

Note: Some sources have identified the speaker as Mohamed Magid of Sterling, Virginia, who also spoke. That was apparently in error.

Mr Tarar might just as well have called those in attendance "infidels".

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