Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Students for "Justice" in "Palestine"

John Parazzo has an excellent piece running in Frontpage Magazine describing Students for Justice in Palestine. I am pleased to cross-post it here.

In spite of their lofty sounding name, SJP is one of the most insidious-if not the most insidious- campus groups on any US university campus. I consider them sort of a front group for the Muslim Student Associations in that the MSAs like to present themselves as religiously-oriented (and looking out for "justice" causes) while SJP has many of the same members plus non-Muslims who do most of the "dirty work" (like intimidating Jewish students who support Israel.  At my former campus at UC Irvine, the SJP chapter was formed right after the MSU was suspended in 2010 because of their disruption of the Israeli ambassador's speech.

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Miggie said...

A distinction without a difference. No meaningful difference between these Muslim organizations.