Sunday, January 29, 2017

Mosque Shooting in Quebec City, Canada

A mosque in Quebec City was attacked by three gunmen tonight. It is reported that five people were killed and one or possibly two men have been arrested.

Update: There are multiple conflicting reports and I will proceed cautiously. Six people are reported dead and two suspects in custody. Witness accounts say the men yelled, Allahu Akhbar,  as they began firing. Other accounts say they had Quebecoise accents.

I have seen a twitter report that says the police have identified the two suspects as white supremacists who have French-Canadian names. This is countered by reports that the names come from some previous Reuters spoof. I choose not to put up the names at this point.

Atlas Shrugs and many other internet sources are reporting two Arabic names and identifying the suspects as Syrian refugees who arrived in Canada a week ago.This supposedly captured from a police radio. Similarly, I will not put up the names at this time.

We just don't know at this point.

Initial comments coming in, official and otherwise, are assuming all kinds of things and many are blaming Trump naturally for his travel ban and his rhetoric. At this point, it could be a hate crime against Muslims or possibly an internecine feud (Shia-Sunni?). In order not to have egg on my face tomorrow, I am going to withhold judgement here and just say no matter who the culprits were, this is a horrendous act, and I feel for the victims and their families.

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