Saturday, January 21, 2017

Ugly Protest at UC Irvine Confronted by Lone College Republican

Hat tip The College Fix

Ariana Rowlands is the head of the UC Irvine College Republicans. Under her leadership the UCICR has become one of the top CR chapters in the country. That was shown once again Friday afternoon when a few dozen protesters chanted obscene slogans and held up an obscene banner to show their hatred of Donald Trump and America as well. Ariana represented the rest of us quite well.

Another  thing that Ariana said on the video is true: Those few knuckleheads do not represent the UC Irvine student body. Apparently, that is something lost on whoever that UCI administrator was, He or she does not understand that everybody has a right to express their opinion not just those who want to chant "F Trump" or "F America".

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

She's a fool. Standing in the mid of a chanting crowd desperately trying to shout over them is a losing proposition. A silent witness, smiling at their impotence to stop her or turn her away, would have been much more effective. Her words weren't particularly coherent either. The crowd, of course, were a bunch of mindless jerks. Lenin must be spinning in his grave -- that is, if they ever got around to putting him in one.