Friday, January 13, 2017

Germans "Searching for a Motive" In Desecration of Church With Islamist Writings

Hat tip Breitbart

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"Ve are searching for a motive. As yet, I know nothing"

A Christian parish center in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg was desecrated with Islamist expressions scrawled on the walls. The ever-efficient German cops are "searching for a motive".

So a synagogue gets torched in Wuppertal, and now a church in Baden Wuerttemberg gets desecrated. There is no anti-semitism in the former and no known motive in the latter. I guarantee you if a mosque gets attacked in Germany, it will instantly be called an act of anti-Muslim hate. (That would be the correct assumption.) Do you see the double standard here? It screams out at you. To deny it is laughable.

During and after World War II, American films routinely portrayed Nazi Germans as being fanatical robots who were always made to look stupid by the Allies. It was a stereotype. The fanaticism had a lot of validity. The stupidity-except for Hitler and his political hacks- did not. Now one has to wonder. I say this rhetorically because I know the German people, and I know how intelligent they are. One has to believe that they are being governed by fear. Never since the Bundesrepublik was formed in the ashes of WW II have ordinary Germans been afraid to speak out for fear of being arrested. That is what is happening today to anybody who dares speak out against Islam and the massive flow of Muslim immigration into the country with the resultant crime and terrorism.

The German people are smart enough to be told the facts-not lies in the name of political correctness.They deserve to know if their churches and synagogues are under threat. They deserve to know if it is not safe for a German woman to go out at night. As it is, they are being told lies.That';s what the Nazis did. That's what the East German rulers did. It is not fitting for the Bundesrepublik.

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