Wednesday, January 11, 2017

College Republicans at Berkeley Face Harassment

Hat tip The College Fix

Here is yet one more example of the kind of harassment conservative students face on college campuses these days. At UC Berkeley, the College Republicans have invited conservative  pundit Milo Yiannopoulos to speak. That has unleashed the usual firestorm wherever Yiannopoulos appears. Now it is getting downright nasty.

This is so typical and especially at a loony institution such as UC Beserkley.  Recently the CR had an one their campus information stands confronted by none other than Pablo Gomez, the gay activist student who is now facing murder charges.

UCB is in the process of finding a new chancellor to replace the hapless Nicholas Dirks, who is being forced out over some alleged improprieties by UC President Janet Napolitano (who should be fired herself). It seems they have been searching since September.

If a picture tells a thousands words, you can see that UC Berkeley is in need of strong leadership. This is a guy who had an escape hatch built in his office so he could flee from protesting students.

Sadly, both you and I know that whoever replaces Dirks will be equally as feckless.One of the leading candidates is rumored to be former Clinton secretary of Labor and now UCB professor Robert Reich.

                                                                                 "Ah wunnerful, ah wunnerful, ah"

As you can see, the College Republicans at UC Berkeley have their work cut out for them.

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