Wednesday, January 11, 2017

At Kansas University, Students Ask, "Who Am I?"

Hat tip The College Fix

"Now the libraries’ own employees can show their commitment to diversity on the job by wearing “preferred gender pronoun” pins."

Gender identity is all the rage on campus these days. It's even considered something "fluid" at Kansas University, and before you strike up a conversation with someone new, you'd better know how to address them. The KU library has come up with instructional materials designed to help.

This is the height of absurdity. By the time these students graduate, they won't know whether they are male, female or a four-legged jayhawk.

To me, it's simple: If you are born with a penis and testicles, you are male. If you are born with a vagina, you are female. If you are unlucky enough to be born with a little of both, you are a hermaphrodite or intersex and I hope someday you get whatever corrective surgery you desire. With the wonders of modern medicine, you can surgically change your gender. Once you do that, I will recognize you as whatever your new gender is. What you wear or how you feel about yourself does not change my view. It's what's between your legs that determines what you are. If you feel you belong in the opposite gender have your surgery. It's your right. But don't burden us with demands for accommodation because you feel you are something other.

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"What did you call me?"

I have evolved a lot in recent years about gay issues. I want the rights of gays, lesbians etc respected. I am not demeaning those who are confused about their gender identity. I feel sorry for them. Yet, this attempt to redesign our language to accommodate a tiny minority is ridiculous.

One of the good things about English, in my view, is that we are not encumbered with masculine and feminine nouns, pronouns, and adjectives as the Romance languages are. The words we have have served us well. We don't need a bunch of fuzzy-brained academics to add unnecessary new words to our language for purposes of political correctness. This movement should be treated with the response it deserves. It should be laughed off campus.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Trans-sexual is a medical diagnosis, not an oppressed minority.