Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ashley Judd: "A Lister"

Among the performers at last Saturday's March on Washington were stars from the stage and screen. None were more memorable for their performances than that great Hollywood icon, Ashley Judd. I say icon because no longer can we call her a Hollywood B lister. No Sir. Ashley gave a Shakespearean performance for the ages with her rendition of "I Am a Nasty Woman". I mean she nailed it! In case you missed it, here it is.


                                                                                            "Cheeto dust!"

Ahem. You miss the point, my friends. This was not comedy; it was a serious performance. This will go down in history with the great performances of our time. This was Lionel Barrymore. This was Ralph Bellamy portraying FDR. This was James Whitmore portraying Will Rogers. This was Vincent Price portraying Henry Jarrod in the House of Wax. This monumental work now replaces Dolphin Tale 2 as Ashley's piece de resistance, her tour de force, her signature work. I mean, Rolling Stone is raving!

This is one of those productions you will want to watch over and over again, kind of like Dr. Zhivago or Scarface.

So, do you wanna see it again? Here it is:

Image result for empty theatre

Obviously, some of you don't appreciate talent. Ashley Judd is now a Hollywood A Lister. From now one when people think of nasty women, they will think not only of Hillary Clinton; they will think of Ashley Judd.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Didn't really impress me Gary, but no accounting for tastes.