Thursday, December 1, 2016

The San Bernardino Slaughter: We May Have a MOTIVE!

Hat tip Jihad Watch

"In the year since the shooting, police have struggled to determine an exact motive for the shooting,...."

"One of the terrorists who slaughtered 14 people at a California office’s holiday party was furious that her Muslim husband had to attend the festive luncheon, which was studded with Christmas decorations, police said."

It was that Christmas tree that set off the poor Muslim couple.

The solution is simple. We must ban Christmas parties so as not to offend Muslim jihadists.

Of course, if you are an Islamophobe, you might come up with the simple-minded idea that Tashfeen Malik's husband did not have to attend the Christmas party or that  Malik did not have to come to our infidel country in the first place.

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