Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Berlin Suspect Was Known to Police

They had tried to deport him

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"Ve are vatching you."


The suspect being sought for the Berlin truck attack this week is identified as Anis Amri, a 24-year-old Tunisian, who was an asylum-seeker, suspected drug dealer, bar room brawler, and associate of Salafist radicals in Germany. Further, police suspected he was actually planning some sort of attack. Other than all that, he was considered a great candidate for assimilation into German society. The Germans had tried to deport him, but due to a lack of Tunisian ID documents (which only arrived from Tunisia today), they were unsuccessful. Now 12 people are dead and 50 injured.

                                                        "Yeah, we had our finger on him all along, didn't we boys?"

It's hard to find humor in this fiasco, but who in the Hell is running German security, Sgt. Schultz? Contrary to the old stereotype of the "efficient German", the leadership of this country is completely out to lunch. Every time there is an attack, Angela Merkel insists, "Wir schaffen dass" (We can do this). She uses this line like Hillary Clinton and Martin O'Malley used the line, "Black lives matter" during the US presidential campaign. My God, where is the public outrage? Where are the resignations?

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