Friday, December 9, 2016

Student Journalism at UC Berkeley

"Hat tip" Daily Californian

The Daily Californian is the student newspaper at UC Berkeley. On its best days, it is a typical, politically-correct fish wrap full of liberal points of view from the front page to its opinion page. below is an example of the Daily Cal on its worst days. This is an op-ed by one of their student journalists, whose name  you will have to click the link to find out. This young man writes articles describing his amorous adventures in excruciating detail. He only gets away with it I guess because he is gay. If he were straight male, he would have been up on charges at Cal a long time ago. The DC has also featured a straight gal who has written similar pieces, but it's OK because she is a female.

Viewer warning: The below link has strong language.

Smelling salts anyone?

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