Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Shura Council of SoCal Teams Up With Answer Coalition

Hat tip Steve

Below is a posting from the Shura Council of Southern California. This is one of the Muslim organizations that presents itself to the public as moderates. That doesn't preclude them from participating in a demonstration scheduled in Los Angeles December 17 which is being led by the Answer Coalition, which is a radical, far-left group of anarchists that are against everything America stands for. If you go to the first link, under events, you will find a link to the December 17 protest, which is dedicated to "fighting Trump and the billionaire class".


"Trump’s appointees are a motley and dangerous crew of banker billionaires, white supremacists, and other right-wing extremists. They have nothing good in mind for anyone but the banks, oil companies, and the military-industrial complex.

We must keep building the grassroots movement against war, militarism, racism, anti-immigrant scapegoating and neoliberal capitalist assault on workers’ living standards and the environment.

Real social change throughout history has come from the bottom, the mobilized people's movements, and not from the centers of institutional power, the professional politicians or the capitalist elites.

It has always been the Democratic and Republican Parties alongside the capitalist elites working to expand and enrich Wall Street, Big Oil, and the military-industrial complex at the expense of the people.

This has come at the cost of millions of people murdered in US wars of aggression, racist mass incarceration, daily police terror in communities of color, the near elimination of unions, grinding down of wages, cutbacks to social programs, tuition hikes, predatory foreclosure crisis, and unprecedented mass migration from countries devastated by free trade and war.

This crisis caused by capitalism and the rule of the billionaires in society created such misery for millions of people that it has inspired a militant fight back on all fronts including the Fight for $15, the undocumented youth movement, the Movement for Black Lives, Standing Rock, Occupy, Trans liberation, and more. Trump and the billionaire class hope to roll back the forward march of these struggles.

This country needs a real political revolution. Millions of people feel entirely disenfranchised by a political system that delivered the least favorable and trusted candidates in U.S. history. Many hoped that the Bernie Sanders campaign would represent a new direction and opportunity to take on entrenched power, extreme inequality, and poverty.

Donald Trump is a racist, sexist bigot and we must build a resistance movement to challenge his program and defeat the billionaire class! Join us in the streets!

Email for more information, to volunteer, or to endorse this action"


So I would like to address a question to the Shura Council and its leader, Imam Muzammil Siddiqi:

Sir, is this the kind of message you and your Shura Council endorse? Why would you join hands with such a far-left, radical and anarchistic organization such as the Answer Coalition? How can you call yourselves "moderate" Muslims when you associate yourselves with this organization and their message?.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Well, the critique of Trump is reasonably accurate, if a little bombastic. For a man who promised to drain the Washington swamp, it didn't take him long to start swimming with the alligators.

Gary Fouse said...

I disagree. His appointments thus far look like they are going to kick ass.