Saturday, December 3, 2016

Sanctuary Campuses for Professors?

This week, Janet Napolitano made headlines by announcing that University of California campuses will be sanctuaries for students who are in the country illegally. It seems that in the case of UCLA and UC Berkeley, we have sanctuary campuses for professors found to have sexually harassed female students. In the below article in American Thinker, Cinnamon Stillwell, who is the West Coast representative of Campus Watch, highlights the cases of Gabriel Piterberg and Nezar AlSayyad, both of whom have been penalized by UCLA and UCB respectively for sexually harassing coeds, but who have kept their jobs in spite of widespread student protests.

There have been many instances where male students accused of similar offenses or even rape have been the victims of campus kangaroo courts even when they turn out to be unfounded charges. The University of Virginia and Duke lacrosse cases come to mind. Rape and sexual assault are serious offenses. Each case and each allegation should be taken seriously and be handled by professionals. While the accusations against Piterberg and AlSayyad were probably not criminal in nature, they represented allegations of serious professional lapse of ethics. Professors are in a position of authority vis-a-vis students, and there should be zero tolerance for professors who use their positions to pursue romance on campus. That's why singles bars were invented.

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