Friday, December 30, 2016

Professor Watch List Off to a Great Start

Hat tip Turning Point USA and The College Fix

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-"No, we're waiting to get on the "Professor Watch List."

Turning Point USA is a new site devoted to (among other things) setting up a "professor watch list" devoted to alerting students which professors on their campus will be using their podiums as soap boxes for leftist viewpoints. It is off to such a great start that over 1200 liberal professors have asked to be put on the list as a sign of solidarity (there's that word again) with those already on the list.

I have enthusiastically linked TPUSA on my site, but I must  say that in my view, they don't have enough gigabytes to list every deserving professor who should be on the list. There are just too many of them. So I would tell these 1,200 boobs to get in line.

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