Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Keith Olbermann Speaks on Treason and Resistance

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

This is a hoot

Last I knew ex-MSNBC talking head, Keith Olbermann was back  doing sports shows and making jokes about professional athletes when they make bad plays. Now it seems he is doing videos for GQ of all places.

Where can I find him?

In the above video, Olbermann refuses to recognize Donald Trump as our next president. He throws around the word treason like old Joe McCarthy. He speaks of resistance. Don't ask me what we are supposed to do outside of not addressing Trump as "President Trump". That'll work.

Olbermann, in case you didn't know, studied at Colgate. Er, the university-not the toothpaste. Thus, he has what we derisively now call, an Ivy League education. It shows. This boob has made a fool of himself for years, and clearly he hasn't stopped. He goes from one broadcast gig to another because he burns his bridges with the people he works with at every stop. Somehow, he has not yet gone "Network" though many of his editorial comments seem like it is about to happen.

My suggestion to Keith is to go back to sports and what he does best- making fun of players when they screw up on the field. He can accuse them of treason or something.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

To say that an elected president is "Not my president" is childish. The president-elect is going to be THE president for four years, whether he is MY president or not. Once the votes are counted, my consent is not required.

It is worth noting that we just went through eight years when a fair number of self-styled "conservatives" declined to put "President" in front of the name "Obama." But all the more reason not emulate this cultivation of routine rudeness.