Saturday, December 3, 2016

In the Netherlands, It's OK to Threaten Gays With Death-Only If You Are Muslim

Hat tip Jihad Watch

"In a shocking move, the taxpayer-funded hotline said it would not pursue a criminal complaint over horrific messages from radical Islamists because the Koran says gay people can be killed."

I am convinced that aside from Geert Wilders and his Freedom Party, most Dutch are a nation of idiots. I have felt that way ever since the 1980s when I last lived in Europe and before I ever heard of Wilders-who is one of my heroes.

But check this out. One of those government-funded hate crime watchdogs in the Netherlands has decreed that while threatening gays with death is a hate crime, an exception must be made for Muslims because-after all- that is part of their religion.

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