Monday, December 12, 2016

Does Washington State University Respect Diversity of Opinion?

Hat tip The College Fix

A group of professors at Washington State University has written an open letter expressing support for "marginalized students" that is full of vague, non-specific language. If you read between the lines, however, it is clear that they feel that certain favored groups are under attack and the victim of hate crimes.

"It is not enough encourage “open-mindedness” and “sensitivity” especially when these passive efforts and rhetoric invariably lead to a culture that accepts and tolerates bigotry and harassment; a campus culture that hides behind “tolerance” and discourses of free speech undeviatingly creates a campus that is especially disempowering to marginalized students. 

We must create a campus that asserts that we are anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-xenophobia, antihomophobic, anti-Islamophobic, anti-ableism, and anti-bigotry. We must work to create mechanisms and structures that combat hate, which empower all constituencies to be active in our collective efforts to rid the campus of bigotry and systemic inequality. We believe that making WSU accessible and truly open to diverse students, faculty," 

Behind all the vague language, these professors are carefully picking their victims and which groups they could care less about. The most marginalized students on campuses now are those "privileged whites, Jews ("Zionists") and conservatives. You can demonize them, disrupt their events, and keep their speakers off campus, and these professors won't utter a word-except to approve. They talk non-stop about diversity, but they cannot stand diversity of opinion.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Nonsense. If you define yourself by a long string of anti-'s, you stand FOR nothing.