Thursday, November 3, 2016

The FBI: It's the Agents vs the Justice Department

Even though I am a retired DEA agent, I have no inside source. I have to rely on others to fill that void. Yet I really believe that we have an inner war going on between the FBI agents and their superiors in the Justice Department when it comes to the Clinton investigations. The below article gives us hope that maybe justice will prevail when it comes to the Clinton Foundation.

No doubt there is leaking going on here. I would prefer that agents march to the microphones to announce their outrage at the meddling and interference they are getting from their higher ups-particularly in the Justice Department. Yet it appears that  some "rogue" elements, for lack of a better term, are continuing to do their duty and continue the investigation even in the face of stand down orders. If so, it is truly heroic.

*Update: Fox's Bret Baier is apologizing for his remark that "indictment was likely". He stands by the other elements of this comments.

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