Friday, November 4, 2016

Syrian Refugee Protest and Counter-Protest in California

My friend and colleague in the counter-jihad movement, Jim Horn, a retired foreign service officer (State Department), joined with others on October 29 to hold a protest in Victorville, California against the influx of "Syrian refugees".  Apparently, refugees were being bused through this route. During the event, counter-protesters showed up. Jim describes the rest. (I am posting this with his permission but deleting his wife's first name.)

"(Deleted) and I drive about 50-miles north of where we live, to the High Desert to join with about thirty others on the Bear Valley highway overpass that crosses the I-15 at Victorville.

We were there for three hours demonstrating against the influx of Islamist refugees.  We had signage condemning the invasion, and a couple of gentlemen had megaphones.  After we'd been there for close to two hours, a dozen Islamists showed up with their "we love Syrians" signs, etc.  They were naturally pushy, and at one point a women in their group went up to the man with the megaphone and hit the megaphone jamming it into his face. His natural reflex was to push the item out of his face, and the woman got a little nick on her hand from the push back, and she escalated things by calling 911.

We soon had five squad cars and a paramedic unit which gave her a band-aid (kinda like John Kerry in Vietnam getting a scratch and screaming for a Purple Heart).  As the dust was settling, the good guy got hauled off in a patrol car along with the Arab woman who attacked him.  So glad the woman got busted.

After that, a couple of cops remained on the sidewalk forming a bulwark between the Arabs and we citizens and Patriots until we sound down at about 3PM."

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