Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Saree Makdisi's Cries of Victimization on College Campuses

Hat tip Campus Watch and Legal Insurrection

UCLA Professor Saree Makdisi is one of the troupe of University of California professors who take part in the traveling circus of anti-Israel events that take place across campuses all over the state of California and beyond. In this article by Legal Insurrection he is featured crying victimhood for all of his fellow travelers who complain they are persecuted on college campuses for being against Israel. That, of course, is a hoot because it is they who dominate the discourse on college campuses at the expense of those who support Israel.

Of course, Makdisi is no stranger to this writer. In January of this year, he came to UC Irvine  and in a forum dedicated to a discussion of free speech, he cried that pro-Palestinians are having their free speech threatened. This on the same campus, where a few months later (May 18), pro-Israel students had their film event invaded and disrupted by those very same brown shirt forces Makdisi supports.

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