Monday, November 7, 2016

Places Not Even the Gestapo Would Dare Tread

Hat tip Gatestone Institute

Soeren Kern has an alarming report from Germany, where, thanks to Angela Merkel's open door policy, migrant gangs have taken over parts of major metropolitan areas to the point where the police are powerless to do anything about it.

Whatever happened to the idea of national sovereignty? Whatever happened to the rule of law and the idea that government's main responsibility is to protect its citizens? Is Merkel so dense that she actually thinks she can make something positive of this? It defies all reason and common sense. And yet, this thinking has infected the UK, France, Holland, Scandinavia, Italy, Belgium and virtually all of Western Europe. Innocent Europeans are dying, and innocent women are being raped on a daily basis. The people are angry, and the real possibility of civil war is looming. Yet, Merkel and her political allies continue to march over the cliff taking their peoples and their countries with them.

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