Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Meet Keith Ellison-The New DNC Chair?

Hat tip Campus Watch and Frontpage Magazine

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Joe Klein has an excellent background on Keith Ellison (D-MN), a congressman who is the front runner to become the next chair of the DNC. If the Democratic party wants to show the country just how far to the left they have drifted, they can do no better than choose Ellison, a friend of the Nation of Islam, CAIR, and the Islamic Society of North America. (He has spoken in front of the latter two organizations multiple times.)

The below article is from Frontpage Magazine.

Ellison represents a part of Minneapolis heavily populated by Somalis and known as "Little Mogadishu". The US Attorneys office there has its hands full prosecuting members of this community who have left to fight with Al Shabaab or ISIS-or who have attempted to do so.

Make no mistake. Even though Ellison speaks like a moderate in public, he is a radical. If the party chooses him, it will show an even sharper turn to the left.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

A real left-winger is just what we need to inspire the working classes who declined to support Her Royal Clintoness. Keith Ellison is not a left-winger. None of the causes you mention has anything to do with the class struggle. I'll take an Israeli communist over a kleptocratic engineer like Yassir Arafat any day. Jock Yablonski, where are you now that we need you?