Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Germany's Big Secret About Those Migrants

(They're not refugees)

Hat tip Ipatriot

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Where are all the women and children?

Barry Napier has an interesting article in Ipatriot about all those hundreds of thousands of people wandering around Germany.

They are not refugees or asylum seekers. They are welfare seekers.

As Napier points out, the only people who really qualify for asylum status are the Arab Christians and Yazidis. They are truly running for their lives. Yet, they seem to be at the back of the line as far as the Europeans and the Obama administration are concerned.

Maybe they are all dead by now.

But what a disgrace that the German government hides the truth from its own people as they are crying out for help and protection from roving bands of migrants who have made the streets of Germany's own cities unsafe-especially for their own women.

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