Saturday, November 19, 2016

"Expert" Panel at UCI Worried About Trump's Election Overseas

Germany and Angela Merkel Were "Caught Off-Guard"

"Caught off-guard"

This week, UC Irvine students were treated to a panel of professors opining about how worried world leaders are about our election of Donald Trump.

“Germans were caught off guard completely,” said Kai Evers, director of the UCI European Studies Program. “They were shocked, confused and tried to figure out what it meant.”

Just like they were caught off guard, shocked, and confused about a million migrants from the Middle East and North Africa running amok around their country thanks to Angela Merkel's insane immigration policy. Just like hundreds of German women were caught off-guard by rampaging migrants last New Years Eve at the Cologne train station.

Image result for migrants at colne train station new years eve

Obviously, none of these experts had anything positive to say about Trump's election, you know, for the sake of BALANCE,

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

There is nothing positive to say about Trump's election. He wasn't elected on a wave of positive commitment. He was elected because at least he wasn't Hillary Clinton, just as, if she had been elected, it would have been because at least Her Royal Clintoness wasn't Donald Trump.