Wednesday, November 2, 2016

"Difficult Dialogues" at UC Irvine

Hat tip Campus Reform

Last week, UC Irvine held one of those "Difficult Dialogues" events, which is part of a program initiated by Vice Chancellor Thomas Parham. I received an invitation to attend from the university, but was out of the country. In my response, I thanked them for the invitation and asked to be notified when they invited any conservative speakers. Of course, I won't be holding my breath.

One UCI professor who is Jewish wrote to Parham to complain about the selection of rapper Jasiri X since he is yet another anti-Israel activist (who are a dime a dozen on university campuses) and protege of Louis Farrakhan. Another panelist, grammy-winning artist Malik Yusef, is supposedly a Republican though it seems nobody present supported Trump-or the police for that matter. Here is the campus paper (New University) article on the event. I have submitted a comment to the article which has not yet been published.

It seems that what is difficult is bringing in opposing (conservative) points of view and having them appear in equal numbers with their leftist counterparts. How about a little balance, Dr Parham?

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