Monday, November 14, 2016

Did Hillary Melt Down Tuesday Night?

There are stories going around that Hillary Clinton had a major meltdown Tuesday night when she realized that she had lost the election. Author and gossip columnist Ed Klein is reporting that according to an inside source, Hillary called a friend that night and was inconsolably crying to the point she could hardly be understood. According to Klein's source, Clinton laid blame on FBI director James Comey for his last-minute re-opening of the email investigation and for President Obama for not doing more to stop it. Klein's source told him that Hillary was inconsolable the whole night once it was clear Trump would win.

At this point, I should add that Klein is a long-time Clinton critic and has written books on the Clinton family-none of which are complimentary and which have received considerable criticism. Liberals may dismiss him as a right-wing hit man if they wish, but consider this:

Hillary Clinton has been known to have a ferocious temper ever since she first arrived in the White House as first lady. According to various reports, she has thrown books or even lamps at various individuals. These rumors have continued to dog her up to the present time. That includes reports that she blew up at Donna Brazile backstage at the September 7 Commander in Chief forum held by NBC because she got a surprise hardball question from moderator Matt Lauer. As has been disclosed, Brazile is accused of passing debate questions to Clinton in advance.

More to the point, a lot of eyebrows were raised when Hillary failed to show up at her campaign HQs as Trump was securing the election. Instead John Podesta was sent, and he advised everyone to go home and get some rest. Shortly thereafter, Trump appeared at his campaign HQs and spoke to his supporters. The public did not see Ms. Clinton until the next day when she gave her concession speech. During those hours, Clinton called Trump to give him the traditional congratulations. Why did she not go and talk to those supporters who had been standing in a ballroom crunched like sardines for hours?

I am leading to a point. Although I would want further corroboration about the Tuesday night report before accepting it as fact, there have long been indications out there that when it comes to temperament, Hillary has a real problem. It is ironic that Donald Trump's temperament was called into question and used as an issue by Mrs Clinton herself. She repeatedly stated that Trump did not have the temperament to be commander-in-chief. What she offered, instead, was a "steady hand".

While I anticipate an exciting time in the Trump White House (Maybe he will fire Mike Pence in the first week), there are real concerns over how Mrs. Clinton would fare under the pressure of being president.  It is undeniable that she has never stopped fighting all these years under withering attacks. She deserves credit for that. Yet, could we have afforded these kinds of meltdowns in times of national crisis when things go wrong?

I know someone here is going to call me sexist because I am going in a direction of stereotyping the emotional side of women and all that. Not really. Having seen people like Golda Meir and Margaret Thatcher in action, I have no issue with a female president. It will happen.

But it won't be Hillary Clinton.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Than God. There is no question we were offered the opportunity to pick our poison this time around, and Trump has plenty of temperament problems. But everything said here about Hillary is at least plausible. She's been in love with the image of herself as president forever and ever... she should have known it was over in 2008. The first woman president will be someone who got there on her own dime, not piggy-backed on her husband's career. Nobody deserves defeat more than the heir apparent.